Reviewing Provillus and Its Claims of Effective Hair Growth

Losing your hair can cause damage to your self esteem and in many other aspects if your life. Most people think that baldness only occurs in men, but that is wrong since women experience baldness too, albeit less often than men.

It is for this reason why so many hair re-growth products are in the market but just like anything else in the market just because the advert says it works does not mean it really does work and it is safe.

How Provillus Works

If you have been losing your hair then it is possible that you have been looking for a hair loss product that is both safe and effective and here comes Provillus to save the day. Or does it?

Most people who are losing their hair cannot be blamed for going crazy and reaching for every hair re-growth product they can get their hands on, including Provillus.  But just what is product and what does it claim to do?

When you visit their website you will see that they have products specifically offered for men and another product which works just for women.

Provillus For Men And Women

If you scroll down a bit more you will see the company’s efforts to explain hair loss in men and hair loss in women. One thing you may like about this product is they have taken the time to explain hereditary hair loss and stress factors leading to hair loss as well as shattering myths about the cause of hair loss in both men and women. You will also appreciate the fact that they realize male pattern baldness is not the same as female pattern baldness, and thus the need for different products.

If you scroll even further down they waste no time pulling punches and they let you know right away how you can get some free bottles of the hair re-growth product.

You may need to take more than one bottle so this deal may be something you would like to consider, but it is only available online and only in their selected packages. You may want to look at the packages first so you know which deals are the best when it comes to buying Provillus.


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Order Placement and Payment

Ordering the Provillus product is quite easy and very straightforward. Of course they want to make it easy because they actually do want you to order as soon as possible, Once you have filled in the form on the second page you the get directed to the next page where you will get to see the packages they have to offer.

Now, if you look at the deals you will notice that you can get 6 bottles for the price of 4 and if you buy 3 bottles you get 1 bottle free. A single bottle can cost you about $40 more or less. You can choose many ways with which to pay for your purchase of course, as they accept credit cards and PayPal payments for those people who prefer not to give out their credit card information online.

If you choose to pay via PayPal then be prepared to be redirected to another page where you will be required to enter your Paypal information.

Provillus Order Placement

They also have a 90 day return policy as stated in their terms and conditions. If you want to take a look at the full terms and conditions just look to the bottom of the page and you will see a link that will lead you to a separate window where you will get to see this page.

If you scroll up and down you will see also see their shipping policies and conditions. Before you order, it will be a very good idea for you to read all their policies so you know what you can and cannot do and what you must do if you want to make any returns. People who are ordering outside the continental US will also find interesting shipping information in this page.

90-day refund policy

How Provillus Fared

Now the real question is does Provillus really work? According to other Provillus reviews, there have actually been a number of mixed to negative reviews.  There are some who say that is works, but the majority of feedback we’ve had is that it does not work.

Granted, the ingredients claimed are indeed natural, but it is considered by many experts to be a generic “me too” product, using sub standard, cheaper ingredients, with very good marketing and over pricing of the product.

So why pay for a substandard product, when you can get a better quality product with ore potent ingredients for a lot less?

Some of the ingredients you will find listed include vitamin B6, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Pumpkin seed extract, and plenty of others. 

Many people have tried Provillus and only a small proportion of people have actually seen any real difference it has brought to their hair.

One of their marketing tricks is to make you think that you need to make sure you get the one formulated for your sex though as the one for men may not work for women as women do not have the same underlying hair loss causes as men do.  This is a clever marketing ploy – nothing more.

If the product seems a little slow to show results then the company suggests that you increase your dosage and this is the reason why they recommend that you buy Provillus packages offering extra bottles. They market these as more budget friendly if you need to take more of the product to see results.  But, as Provillus is not really very potent, you’ll just end up wasting your money, whereby you could have grown you hair a lot quicker and a lot cheaper using an alternative such as procerin and hairmax.

They also suggest you use the scalp serum and the dietary supplement as directed. There are instructions for the supplements not to be taken on an empty stomach as doing so will result in stomach aches and pains. Some people have noticed slow to no hair re-growth and some have noticed a decrease in the rate of their hair loss.

Our Take on Provillus

When it comes to hair loss you do need to be patient and not expect results after a week or two as hair does take longer to grow. You may try to look online for some other tips from people who have bought hair loss products in the past and they can tell you about scalp massages and other tips which speed up hair growth and also make the product that much more efficient.

You need to be very vigilant with the use of the product as Provillus reviews say you need to apply it as directed at the perfect times so you do not under apply and also so you do not waste product when you over apply. It stops being effective after the recommended dosage has been applied.

Important Update: 

We used to recommend Provillus as a viable hair loss solution.  The product does work for some people.  But increasingly we’re finding that less and less people are finding it as effective as other products.

We have also received a number of complaints from users who have tried Provillus and found for whatever reason that it was not working.  They tried getting a refund within 90 days and had problems getting refunds.  They therefore have resorted to doing a chargeback on their credit card.

Hey if the company does not honor it’s money-back guarantee who can blame em. So as this company does not honor it’s money back guarantee, and there are better hair loss products out there we suggest you AVOID for now!  

If you are looking for an alternative natural product that does get great reviews, then we  recommend Procerin as a viable option.  Please read our Procerin review here