hair growth pillsHair Growth Pills – Can They Really  Facilitate Hair Growth?

It seems that today, there are almost as many types of hair loss causes as there are remedies. Many well known companies have spent years researching and developing everything from creams and shampoos, to diets and innovative surgical procedures all with the common goal of hair loss prevention and restoration.

One type of hair loss treatment that has seen a growth in interest and use are hair growth pills. Hair growth pills generally offer similar results.

They have the potential to stimulate new hair growth, promote shinier, thicker, and faster growing hair, and even have the potential to return your hair’s natural color.

Hair growth pills are formulated for men and women specifically to target and reduce the amount of DHT in your follicles. DHT is a hormone that starves the follicles of necessary nutrients, causing them to shrink and eventually die.

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How Do Hair Growth Pills Work?

Hair growth supplements seed your follicles with the nutrients that DHT is starving them of. Once these nutrients are absorbed into your bloodstream, they work on the scalp, repairing damaged follicles and starting the growth process in inactive ones.

While you’re naturally ready to see results fast, it is important to note that it can take up to 90 days before you start seeing results. Once growth starts, you’re hair will grow faster than before, and while it is not required that you continue medicating forever, in some cases, it may be the only way to see continued results.

Hair Growth Pills & Vitamins

Along with Hair growth pills that combine ingredients for a single dosage, there are companies that sell separate hair vitamins that are taken together with the same result as the goal.

Much research has been done to discover the right vitamins for the job and it has been found that Vitamin A, B-6, b-12, when combined with riboflavin, niacin, and other minerals produce results that include seeing fast growth, less breakage, and healthier hair follicles in people of both sexes and all ethnicities.

Since there are many types of hair growth treatments on the market, utilizing a combination of products can potentially create a healthier environment for hair growth.

Consider using products like the HairMax Lasercomb that deeply massages your follicles and scalp while the hair loss pills work from within. A combination like this can be a virtual double blow to your hair loss becoming your secret weapons against Alopecia and many other types of hair loss.

As with any hair loss treatments you may have an interest in trying, it’s imperative that you get a proper diagnosis of your hair loss in order to properly medicate your scalp and follicles so that growth can resume.

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